Key Words: Listen up: This may be ‘the greatest Twitter thread of all time’ for investors

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‘Finally, while I think I know that everything I’ve just said is correct, the fact is I can’t know that with certainty and that if history has taught us anything, it’s that the majority of things we currently believe are wrong.’

That’s how Jim O’Shaughnessy, chairman and chief investment officer of OSAM LLC, concluded his recent 26-tweet thread of all the things he says he knows and doesn’t know about the stock market.

The reviews are in, and virtual thumbs are up all over social media.

Jermain Hall says “it’s probably the best thing I’ve read on Twitter in years.” Wayne Anderman calls it “a rockstar thread.” Mme Bouchon claims it should be “required reading for new and experienced investors alike.” And Etherlambos was so appreciative he said he “might create a cryptolambo in your honor.”

In one notable endorsement, Josh Brown of the Reformed Broker blog hails it as perhaps “the greatest Twitter thread of all time” for investors. “There are 26 total tweets, in which he distills 30 years of experience, success, failure and observation about markets and himself,” Brown tells his 1.08 million followers. “It’s epic and worth your time.”

Here are just a few of the tweets that seemed to resonate most:

For the whole thread in an easy-to-read format, click here.

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